In order to establish a strategy that works for you and your brand, it is fundamental to first understand that you are an entirely unique business entity.  We, at Fingerprint, firmly stand behind this philosophy and work towards understanding the uniqueness of your business. We seek to ask you the right questions, enabling us to devise your branding, marketing and communication strategy accordingly.


Millions, if not billions of brands are trying to make a name for themselves in this cluttered marketplace. It thus becomes imperative for you to stand out to make yourself seen, heard and remembered. The logo, fonts and typography, photography and imagery are tools we will use to create a memorable and distinctive brand identity for you, facilitating you to connect emotionally with your target audience.


Owning a place in your consumer’s mind is of prime importance to you, and we are here to preserve and collaborate with you in this endeavor. An effective brand positioning strategy will boost customer aptness and competitive uniqueness, in maximizing your brand’s value and positioning. We aim to understand the core value, brand strengths, nature of products and services offered, ethos, and fundamentals of the competitive brands and thus formulate an effective strategy for you.


Developing an integrated marketing communication strategy by ensuring that one voice, look, core message and brand values are projected across all communication channels is essential for your brand. We will plan your communications in such a way that it reaches your target audience on a regular basis grabbing their attention and ensuring it stays with your brand.


Keeping the employees and members of your organization connected and informed, and making sure that they are aligned with your goals and values has now become a key factor of a successful business. We aim to envision, plan and strategize your internal communications in a way that keeps things brief and simple but doesn’t lose sight of the bigger picture and always providing channels for feedbacks and ideas.


We understand the hype and boost that an activation/event gives to a new product or service. It gets people talking and translates into long lasting connection with your brand. It will begin with establishing your overall event marketing strategy, to designing your display, to formulating how to gather leads at the event and how best to customize it to meet all your brand’s needs.


Planning, creating, distributing, sharing and publishing content relevant to you and your brand has now become one of the most establishing factors of how a brand is perceived in the market. Whether you are just starting to devise a strategy or refreshing your exiting one, Fingerprint will not just stand by you to give you a bird’s eye view of content marketing, but execute that strategy accurately by using the apt tools and techniques to get the word out.


Promoting and selling your products and services by leveraging the ever-growing space on the internet, is now more important than ever as the pandemic has shown us. We aim to create and maintain a website for you that will be the centerpiece of all your digital marketing activities and will represent your brand in a clear, concise and memorable way. Your social media will reflect these brand values and engage with your end consumer in a timely and effective manner.


As we zero in on the values of your brand, we look to collaborate with such artists on your behalf who embody who you are as a brand. Having cross-sectional contacts across the sports, entertainment and the arts industries, we are sure to find the perfect match for you – the one who will personify your ideology in the most ideal manner.


With the rise of the Intagrammers and YouTubers of the world, it becomes essential for your brand to keep up with the current generation of net-savvy consumers. Fingerprint prides itself on being up to date with the pop culture and will strategize and connect you with the most apt influencers for your brand collaboration. Be it the beauty bloggers or the comedy vloggers, we’ve seen it all and we know how to get the most out of them for you and your brand.

The city of joy is known for its creativity – so why should you look elsewhere for ideas and inspiration? Fingerprint, established by two youngish individuals from Kolkata with a passion for marketing, is seeking to break the stereotype that you need a big agency to get big work done. We are here to be disruptive and creative and to help you build and grow your brand.